About Us

Romy in the desert

Romy Sinclair &
Alyssa Cam Alvarez

A note from romy

My mission to create these antique pieces for you began decades ago.
This was before I had formal training in jewelry design and online resources were a thing of the future.

Today, old ideas about aging are being discarded. Growing old is not bad.
This maxim applies to both people and jewelry.

We're reappraising what we want from fashion by letting new ideas draw from the past. We're thinking at least twice before tossing something aside. Does it have enduring value that can be revealed in a fresh way?

Over the years, I have amassed an elegant inventory of fobs, watch chains, stick pins and hat pins.
Many are hallmarked with the date and place of their origin.
This collection is generated by the vision that inspires Romy in the Desert.
As Alessandro Michele, the director of Gucci says, "There are not old things or new things, only beautiful things".