How to care for your Romy

Treat your Romy with love and care. Regardless of price, it is delicate. It should be treasured and enjoyed each time you wear it.

Here are some important things to bear in mind so your jewelry can last for generations:

  • We highly suggest you stand on carpet when putting on your Romy. If a piece hits a hard surface, some of the elements can break. Carpeting gives some cushion to absorb the shock. This advice comes from experience.
  • When you’re not wearing your necklace, store it in the box in which it arrived. Please do not toss it in your jewelry box. There is also a little anti-tarnish square in the box.
  • Your Romy is not a water baby. It does not like to get wet, take showers, jump in the pool, or swim in the sea.
  • Be sure to avoid getting perfume, lotion, and hairspray on your necklace.

We offer a once-a-year cleaning and tune-up. It’s free aside from shipping costs. Email me at for details.